Daytime Running Light Module - Information

When you install the unit, the dipped headlight function turns on when the charging voltage
 has reached 12,8 - 13,2V (12V el-system) or 25,6 - 26,4V (24V el-system).

We have three different universal kits: KA-150: Universal kit 12V, fitting most cars with H4 bulbs. KA-162: Universal kit 12V, fitting most cars with all different types of bulbs (Xenon/H1/H4/H6/H7 among others). KA-262: Universal kit 24V, fitting most vehicles with all different types of bulbs (Xenon/H1/H4/H6/H7 among others).

We also have specially designed units fitting Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes and VW among others. On these units the assembly instruction, cables etc. is designed to each specific model, which make it easy to install and shortens the installation time considerably.

Dipped headlights or light range only (not parking lights): See art.No TFL-A12 (cables not incl.)

You do not loose any battery power when you start the engine, because the lighting system
 is not activated until the car has started and the charging voltage has reached about 13 volt.

This is an even grater advantage for diesel engines that gets a severe reduction of battery power as the engine is started.

EG-approved according to terms 72/245/EEG, latest changed by terms 95/54/EG.

We have manufactured daytime running lights for 30 years and are constantly working with developing our products.